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The Rocco Interior

Photo: The Rocco
1449 N Street NW
Completed 2001



Amazingly, the actual finished product far exceeded my expectations and every day I look around with such pleasure. I was really impressed with the use of high-end products such as designer light and water fixtures, solid wood doors, beautiful moldings and cabinetry. Who else does that? He set the one and I mean no one does it better
than Robertson Development in the DC area.

Matt Davis
"The Highland"


"Robertson Development worked with us through both the design and build stages of our home, and their attention to detail and prompt delivery is unmatched. Aside from a great home, Mr. Robertson's attention to detail also paid dividends when it came time to sell years later when the new buyers could still see the sharp design sense and commitment to quality throughout the property. In the overheated DC design-build market, Robertson Development proved to us that there are still those who are committed first and foremost to the client. RD delivered more than we could have expected, and Mr. Robertson himself has earned his reputation as a first-tier luxury developer and builder and an honest businessman."

John & Lori Graham
“The Rocco”


“I would highly recommend a Robertson Development (RD) product for anyone considering new or reconverted living space. RD places an emphasis on innovative and original living spaces, quality construction and customer satisfaction. When I began looking at new and refurbished living spaces in the Dupont/Logan Circle area, I did a thorough study of all of the offerings in the market. It didn’t take me long to realize that RD was the only company placing a premium on quality design and construction. I just so happened that the property I chose to acquire was right next door to my current residence at the time. Over the course of a year, I witnessed on a daily basis all of the “behind the scenes” work that goes into make a RD property special. RD goes beyond other builders in the area to ensure that the quality -- not just the look -- is top- notch. Things such as reinforced flooring and special insulation, items not visible in the finished product, are part of what makes a RD property unique. As for the items that are visible, RD’s quality and look is unbeatable. High grade moldings, fixtures, lighting, windows, doors, hardware, etc. are integral components of every RD property. I would challenge anyone to find a builder in the area whose product tops RD’s in terms of quality, design and finish."

Rhett Workman
“The Highland”


"We worked with Robertson Development through the stages of design and construction of our downtown condominium. During this process, RD was both attentive to our design concerns as well as thorough in execution these plans to the last detail. Two years later, the quality of workmanship that went into the construction process is still evident and maintenance costs are practically non-existent."

"Working with RD was both professional and straightforward at all stages of the development of our home. Paul Robertson honors his word with his clients, and the result is a pleasant, no-hassle process that is unheard of in today’s feverish DC residential construction market."

"The quality and craftsmanship of our home reflects a delicate balance between high design and value. Paul Robertson was attentive, responsive and sensitive. In a crowded field of competitors, Robertson Development is way ahead of the pack. My wife and I could not be more pleased!”

Todd Genger
“The Capece”

"We love our new home and cannot say enough positive things about Robertson Development - -absolutely perfect! From the attention to detail, high quality, timeliness of delivery and attentive staff, Robertson delivered for us at every level. They care so much about their work and it shows."

Blake and Sarah Hanlon
"Woodson Row"

Paul Robertson has great vision, follow through, and attention to detail. We bought our home on the spot. It is perfect for entertaining and we do so often. We love our home and will be here until we leave Washington."

Keith Lesnick & John Kilpack
"The Capece"


We didn't need to make any changes to our home because of the wonderful finishes that Paul Robertson incorporated into our home. Three of the many special touches we most appreciate are: walls that are free of electrical outlets because they are incorporated in the base boards, all lights being on dimmers, and the exquisite custom glass-mosaic backsplash in the kitchen. The bathrooms have the Robertson touch as well. The unique use of different types of marble in the baths and the dual shower heads in the master shower-room make these spaces a pleasure to linger in.

I have had great peace of mind since moving into Woodson Row because of the finishing team that Paul Robertson has assembled. They are all true craftsmen and take great pride in the work they do. This is the final piece that has made living in our Robertson property a pleasure. They are responsive and do all repair work with great care. If a friend was looking at a home in town, I would be able to recommend a Robertson property to them with no qualms. He has put together a combination of thoughtful planning and craftsmanship that make it a pleasure to live in Woodson Row.

Alan Rosenthal
"Woodson Row"


After looking at about 60 new and resale condos over a three month period, I finally found what I was looking for: a thoughtfully designed, stylish, well-built condo. The real estate agent told me it was a Robertson property, and [A]s I examined the unit, it became evident to me why the company has such a good reputation. Everything, from the quality of the doors, crown moldings, the tremendous amount of closet space, and especially the lighting(!) exceeded my expectations. But what I liked most was the overall quality of the construction. I love my condo and believe it is significantly better than anything I could have purchased.

David Spangler
"The Capece"

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